Some of our most asked questions about the Beerathon Events are listed below.

If you need further assistance and still have questions feel free to contact us at INFO@BEERATHON.COM


How much does it cost?

Please see the ticketing page.

How does the event work?

When you check in, you will receive an all-access VIP laminated badge. It will have the names of the participating venues printed on it. The bartenders at each venue will have hole punchers and will give you a (friendly!) punch on your badge when they serve you their specialty beer. Please be kind to your bartenders and servers, who work hard to provide you with a great time!

After check in, you may proceed in any order and at any pace that you choose.

Can my friend pick up my pass for me?

No. All passes must be picked up by each participant, individually. You must have a valid, government-issued ID. All participants must be 21 or over.

What do I get for signing up?

Format varies by city. Check out the NYC & DC pages for their respective formats. You get an all-access VIP badge that will get you in to every venue, where you’ll spend the day meeting new people who are beer enthusiasts.

Check-in closes at 3:00pm SHARP. If you haven’t picked up your pass by then, you will forfeit it. Please plan accordingly.

What if I can’t make it by 2:00pm?

No. All tickets are sold through our Ticketing Agent online.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

The Event dates vary by city. Check out the NYC & DC pages for their respective dates.

When is the event?

Because you’re an American, damn it! We accept challenges – no matter how difficult the odds. Just kidding! But seriously, you’ll have a ton of fun, whether or not you finish.

Why participate if I might not be able to finish?

You’ll have an easier time catching a cab in downtown during a rainy rush hour.

Is it difficult to finish?

No. If you can’t finish, don’t; there is no prize for doing so. It’s very important to drink responsibly. Even in your college-prime, you would still have difficulty attempting this task. The point is to visit as many of the venues as possible and have a great time with your friends, not to finish each and every beer.

This sounds like A LOT of Beers – do I have to finish?