Passport Agave is summer tasting tour that includes over 15 specialty tequila or mezcal bsed cocktails, all featured in a custom passport style booklet that will be used to redeem the cocktails at 15 of nyc's best bars and restaurants. 


  • At each venue, your bartender will stamp your booklet upon redemption of your complimentary cocktail. you can redeem each cocktail one time only.

  • You must have your physical passbook present to redeem your complimentary cocktail. You may not use your confirmation code on your phone or email. 

  • Passbook holders may use one passbook per person per visit. you may not use multiple booklets at once. if you purchased more than one, use one and save the other for another visit, or give it to a friend!

  • Bar rules apply: if you've had too much to drink, left your I.D. at home, or the bar is at capacity, you may be asked to leave and come back another time. 

  • The cocktails may be on the house, but somebody had to make them. Don't forget to tip your bartenders!